Art Portfolio – past works

These are paintings made over the years. Oil on canvas, mostly. New works for sale will be updated in new posts. Email me at for questions or proposals.


Drawing and Painting Lessons by Walter Simon

Basic and Advanced Drawing and Painting from beginner to advanced.

Drawing Fundamentals for teens and adults
● Realism, perception and the measurement of objects, pencils,                           erasers, sketching in sketchbooks
● Perspective – linear perspective and atmospheric space                                        through smudging
● Visual elements – line, tone, texture
● Project – Large charcoal “still life” drawing on 18 x 24 paper
Students draw objects arranged on a cloth-covered table
Studio materials needed  – Drapery, Lighting, Tables,                                                   Tablecloths
Student materials list – 18 x 24 Sketchbook, 6B pencil,                                                  pencil sharpener, pink eraser, grey kneeded eraser,
Compressed Charcoal (the rectangular block kind),                                                paper towels
● Project – Large charcoal portrait on 18 x 24 paper

Advanced Drawing : Portrait and Figure Drawing for Adults
Prerequisite – Drawing I
● Portraits – people, animals, imaginary characters, prep for painting
18 x 24 Sketchbook – line drawing, gesture drawing, practicing                                                  traditional techniques of figure drawing from life
● Live Figure Drawing – large charcoal or pencil drawings of live models
● Optional approach – mixed media or acrylic painting overlap, open                        studio or individual program

Art for Teens : Cartooning, Comic Book/Anime/Manga, Sci Fi and Fantasy
● Sketchbooks, sketching, imagination, portraiture and costume design

Basic Painting for teens & adults : Still Lifes and Landscapes – Realism and Impressionism
Prerequisite – Basic Drawing
Lesson projects – most materials are included in cost of course
● Monochrome Still Life – basic painting techniques, acrylic 11 x                14 or larger.  Students bring objects, placing them on a tablecloth together.
Materials needed  – Drapery, Lighting, Tables, Tablecloths
Techniques – Shadows, Brushwork, Underpainting, Impasto
●  Landscapes – Color Wheel , Atmospheric Perspective, Color Matching,                   Acrylic wash with pencil on paper – painting outdoors
●  Workshop Introduction: Impressionism
Short slideshow lesson teaching basic art history of Impressionist                          painting styles by Claude Monet, Degas and others
Introduction to music by Impressionist composers such as                                          Debussey and Satie.
Other lessons can be introduced similarly when relevant, such as                            the Classical, Romantic and Realist movements.

Oil Painting for Adults and Teens – Portraiture and Still Life Objects
Prerequisites – Basic Drawing, Advanced Figure Drawing, Basic Painting, student brings materials.
● Basic Oil Portaiture from seated costumed model- Chiaroscuro, Underpainting, Impasto, Glazing, Studio Safety
● Materials list – 3 canvasses 18″ x 24″ or larger, set of oil paints, stand oil, damar varnish, turpentine, glass jars with lids, etc.

Advanced Figure Painting for Adults – Full color figure painting in oils
● Can make use of figure model during open drawing sessions

Art Parties and Events, Performances, on or off-site
● Live painting with music
● Poetry night open mic
● Artwalk in Fairhope and Mobile
● Exhibitions of Student and Instructor artwork generated

Video Documentation and Production for Web Lessons
Uses – Lesson reference for students at home
Advertising for DAC, promotion of the arts of the gulf coast online.
Subscription based video lessons for anyone with an internet                                   connection.
Feedback from instructors, students and the community.
Arts entertainment production value, i.e. Bob Ross on Public                                     Television.


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