Deltaworld (Bamaworld), a pitch for a Southern Futuristic Digital TV Series


A message from the director of Deltaworld (Bamaworld)

Good Day All –

Hello, my name is Hugo Fat, and you are receiving this email because you have expressed interest in having some sort of production, crew, creative or acting role in Walter Simon’s video series project which we have at various points called “Bamaworld” or “Deltaworld.”

On behalf of Walter and myself, I’d like to thank you for your interest.

We are in the very early stages of pre-production at the moment. My role in the project is to do everything I can to help Walter realize his amazing ideas, and to find a way to translate them into something that can be made for small-screen, ultra-low budget, yet so damn fun and interesting and fun to watch nobody will be able to turn away.

Those of you who know Walter know that he is a man of copious ideas, and he has a massive mythology built up in his decades of work that rivals Tolkien. However we do not have the resources of a Peter Jackson, we are more along the lines of Roger Corman back when he made Little Shop of Horrors. All that means for us is that we have to make our job translating this into low budget as best we can. It means that we have to start with a very basic beginning, and hope that we achieve enough interest to make the following installations bigger and bigger.

I have been extraordinarily impressed with the level of talent of the people who have already come forward, and I think an amazing team is already coming together.

What we would like to know from each of you now, is what parts you would like to play in the making of this project. What talents would you like to bring in and at what point in development would you like to be brought in? At this point we are a long way from shooting, but identifying who would like to do what will help us enormously in planning out the first phase of this project, which we hope will continue for many years once it begins rolling. For example, if you are interested in helping us organize from the very beginning, would you like to join the writing team, or if you’d like to join up when the time comes to crew up and cast the talented people to be in it, etc. We need photographers (mobile phone photos will suffice at this stage) to scout locations for shooting promo images of settings and characters in costume: the delta, any industrial ruins, wet places, old buildings covered in vines, desolation, and beautiful nature scenes. Note most characters will be in primitive or salvaged clothing pieced together with animal skins, jewelry made from bones, natural materials and the remains of the lost civilization. It is the year 2199, or thereabouts.

We have worked hard to distill Walter’s ideas into something that could be made by Roger Corman in 1956. In a nutshell, our idea at the moment is to set this in a future where disease has killed off most of the male population, and females outnumber males 3 – 1, technology has failed and mutants are everywhere. The remaining population has divided up into different factions like the world inhabited by Mad Max. There will be a group of women who have have made things work in this new world, who come into contact with a group of nomadic women and they come into conflict with each other. Outside pressure from a series of raids by a group of all-male mutants will force them to work together. That’s it in a nutshell, and it gives us a lot to work with as well as a really good low-budget framework.

I’d like everybody who is interested in joining to look at the 1949 Italian film called “Bitter Rice.” This is one of the models of what we can achieve, and how interesting we can make it with very little. and to get an idea. Also old episodes of the Twilight Zone, old Roger Corman films, these things give us an idea of how imagination can boost a low budget.

Walter’s concept art will be shown on his blog .

That’s all I got for now, I’m so glad and excited to see such a diverse group of people already coming together, and for that we have Walter’s talent to thank. You are all here because you have faith in his abilities, as do I.”

  • Hugo Fat –

Earlier pitch

“Are you interested in participating in an original southern sci fi series? Walter Simon and comoany putting together a film team for either full length feature or tv pilot. Here is the new sketch-plot for Bamaworld! 34 years in the making, from the sketchbooks and graphic art of Alabama artist Walter Simon:

Swamp hippies of the Mobile-Tensaw delta in the years beyond the fall of modern civilization are minding their own business dancing, singing, playing music and making arts & crafts when suddenly Fireklan raiders start kidnapping the hot hippie babes and killing the men. So a party of adventurous Amazons head to Mobile for help, but most of the locals are resistant and prejudiced towards these neo-natives, so they befriend a few gutterpunks who fall in love and accompany the girls north to Magic City (on foot since all technology was wiped out by disaster) in order to request help from the Beehammers (but there’s a secret ulterior motive), so when the big final battle happens, it’s been a trap all along to lure out the Beehammers and the Blacklight Priesthood leadership from Magic City out into the open where the Fireklan reveals their fully armed and operational Battleship, the USS Alabama! The battle seems all but lost, until….

If you are interested in working on a science fiction film about futuristic post-apocalyptic Alabama, I am identifying appropriate trustworthy local talent from the new Mobiwood film industry and financial backers, private message me here or email me at  This is about 2% of the raw concept art.
The main characters are mostly mixed breed feral rednecks returned to a state of apocalyptic conditions such as after the whites devastated America in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, the second largest delta river system in the United States. The characters include an 8 foot talk feral pig on hind legs, a dark elf from the spirit world, a hobo wizard, and a mute robot in a fencing outfit. The Fireklan Army of Lord Whiteknuckle, fueled by meth and moonshine,  invade the deltazone seeking slaves and any treasures left over from the fallen civilization, to salvage, to steal, or to burn as blasphemy. The survivors are not in agreement as to how long ago the old modern civilization had fallen from the Earth, but it could be ten to over a hundred years or more after the total collapse of technology due to a mysterious demise of most of the human population following a technological catastrophe which altered the nature of reality. The main story is low budget in the beginning but concept art implies a large budget will be necessary to fulfill our long term project. Our finance goal is to entice ten partners contributing $10k each, with the intention of pre-sales in the Asian entertainment market. Inquire about financial details. As the characters explore this strange new world, they run across ruins and crashed drones, robots, bizarre fighting machines, and skeletons of unique organisms, all elements placed within the pucturesque scenery of Alabama’s great natural wilderness and industrial ruins. Storytelling in the title sequences and end credits shall be done using an easy to accomplish cut and paste cartoon style animation based on Walter Simon ‘ s concept art (see links above).

We hope you are interested in participating in this artistic film venture,
Walter Simon and Company

Soundtrack artists are welcome to submit samples. Here are some songs from my band friends Mothface

Listen to soundtrack concepts by WalterSimon #np on #SoundCloud

Email your resumes, information, samples to

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For additional research, here is a wealth of material for studying writing, art, and film I’ve gathered over 2 years on my youtube account:
Exploitation films:
Military Sci Fi:
More science fiction movies:
More war movies:
Motion Comics:
Philip K Dick audiobooks:
Sci fi fantasy films:
Science fiction studies:
Science, Magic, and Religion: History 2D, UCLA [Complete]:
Tv sci fi:
America before colombus
American fantasies about vietnam

In the Delta


100th Anniversary National Park painting and photography tour

I’m about to go see the grand canyon and other national parks for the 100th anniversary of the National park system. We are also covering the protests, please fund this! How cool would it be to hang out with the Standing Rock Sioux in the middle of a big protest? We will be filming a documentary along the way, and I will paint the great Western landscape like the masters of olde. 

Donate here 

Just secured a free pass to all America’s national parks good through October. Anybody want to go along and help fund this dream trip? Tentative map for two week trip to the Grand Canyon, Denver, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and the Standing Rock Sioux protest camp in North Dakota, and back through Kansas City, Missouri. Subject to changes here and there depending on camp site availability and what we decide we want to see more or less. Plan calls for travel time of about 8 hours a day for the first three days with two drivers doing 4 hours each. After that it will be around 8 hours every three days to the next location with two nights in each place. Estimated minimum cost is $2,500, although it would be better to have at least $3,000 if not more.

My artistic goal on the road is to create a series of paintings in the spirit of the American Romantics who went out west and came back with paintings that convinced Teddy Rossevelt and the congress to preserve these wonders, as this year marks the 100th anniversary of their creation. 
Estimated productivity : 6 20 x 30 oil paintings on canvas, and 8-12 acrylic-watercolor “studies”, more if I’m having a lot of fun. Preorder customers will enjoy a 30% discount. We do need money now to ensure our safety and security on the road adventure.

Drawing and Painting Lessons by Walter Simon

Basic and Advanced Drawing and Painting from beginner to advanced.

Drawing Fundamentals for teens and adults
● Realism, perception and the measurement of objects, pencils,                           erasers, sketching in sketchbooks
● Perspective – linear perspective and atmospheric space                                        through smudging
● Visual elements – line, tone, texture
● Project – Large charcoal “still life” drawing on 18 x 24 paper
Students draw objects arranged on a cloth-covered table
Studio materials needed  – Drapery, Lighting, Tables,                                                   Tablecloths
Student materials list – 18 x 24 Sketchbook, 6B pencil,                                                  pencil sharpener, pink eraser, grey kneeded eraser,
Compressed Charcoal (the rectangular block kind),                                                paper towels
● Project – Large charcoal portrait on 18 x 24 paper

Advanced Drawing : Portrait and Figure Drawing for Adults
Prerequisite – Drawing I
● Portraits – people, animals, imaginary characters, prep for painting
18 x 24 Sketchbook – line drawing, gesture drawing, practicing                                                  traditional techniques of figure drawing from life
● Live Figure Drawing – large charcoal or pencil drawings of live models
● Optional approach – mixed media or acrylic painting overlap, open                        studio or individual program

Art for Teens : Cartooning, Comic Book/Anime/Manga, Sci Fi and Fantasy
● Sketchbooks, sketching, imagination, portraiture and costume design

Basic Painting for teens & adults : Still Lifes and Landscapes – Realism and Impressionism
Prerequisite – Basic Drawing
Lesson projects – most materials are included in cost of course
● Monochrome Still Life – basic painting techniques, acrylic 11 x                14 or larger.  Students bring objects, placing them on a tablecloth together.
Materials needed  – Drapery, Lighting, Tables, Tablecloths
Techniques – Shadows, Brushwork, Underpainting, Impasto
●  Landscapes – Color Wheel , Atmospheric Perspective, Color Matching,                   Acrylic wash with pencil on paper – painting outdoors
●  Workshop Introduction: Impressionism
Short slideshow lesson teaching basic art history of Impressionist                          painting styles by Claude Monet, Degas and others
Introduction to music by Impressionist composers such as                                          Debussey and Satie.
Other lessons can be introduced similarly when relevant, such as                            the Classical, Romantic and Realist movements.

Oil Painting for Adults and Teens – Portraiture and Still Life Objects
Prerequisites – Basic Drawing, Advanced Figure Drawing, Basic Painting, student brings materials.
● Basic Oil Portaiture from seated costumed model- Chiaroscuro, Underpainting, Impasto, Glazing, Studio Safety
● Materials list – 3 canvasses 18″ x 24″ or larger, set of oil paints, stand oil, damar varnish, turpentine, glass jars with lids, etc.

Advanced Figure Painting for Adults – Full color figure painting in oils
● Can make use of figure model during open drawing sessions

Art Parties and Events, Performances, on or off-site
● Live painting with music
● Poetry night open mic
● Artwalk in Fairhope and Mobile
● Exhibitions of Student and Instructor artwork generated

Video Documentation and Production for Web Lessons
Uses – Lesson reference for students at home
Advertising for DAC, promotion of the arts of the gulf coast online.
Subscription based video lessons for anyone with an internet                                   connection.
Feedback from instructors, students and the community.
Arts entertainment production value, i.e. Bob Ross on Public                                     Television.


Walter Simon mfa

Democracy Now! An op ed on Trump white supremacist vs. Bernie Sanders compassionate progressive democratic socialism

Some folks are scared of Trump. Some feel like the Clintons would be stronger against Trump in the final election and emerge to have a sane government that gets some things done. And yet, polls in general show Bernie has a better chance against Trump than Clinton vs. Trump. That information is out there, and it confirms the optimism of the Bernie Sanders campaign. That’s what we have to share, that in a contest for president against Trump, Sanders has not only a better chance as his campaign gains momentum into more blue states where the progressive values have had time to become institutional values, but also because his promises and policies are literally about helping America make good and be great again, in a sane, decent way that helps everyone possible through respect for human rights! Go Bernie! The trumplings are exposing themselves to bear witness to the great orange goblin!

Aquanox, a DeltaWorld Thanksgiving Solstice

DeltaWorld Entertainment, a new fun, worker-owned company on the Gulf Coast, announces its first public launch Saturday night in downtown Mobile at Portal Studios. “Aquanox: A DeltaWorld Thanksgiving Solstice,” a short film co-produced by Glynn Wilson and Walter Simon, will premier Saturday, December 19, beginning at 6 pm.


In the year 2050, an environmental disaster long-feared came to pass upon the earth. Wanton burning of fossil fuels deranged earth’s climate, melting glaciers and ice caps. Oceans around the globe rose 250 feet, covering much of dry land. Only a few isolated populations of humans survived.

In the new year of our lord 30 AG, 30 years after Aquageddon, remnants of the once abundant species subsist on native wild rice, what’s left of the feral pig population, fish, shrimp, oysters and rusty canned goods scavenged from the top floors of the RSA tower and old ships run aground. One day a year, warring tribes declare a truce and gather for a Thanksgiving solstice meal atop an old Indian mound, amid sparse remains of the cypress forest in the Alabama-Tensaw Delta. But it’s a tenuous peace.

While this project is a quick, amateur production orchestrated under a local film scramble weekly deadline, it sets the stage for the launch of a larger film project as part of a planned entertainment company that will include books, a theme park, a movie studio, a sound recording studio, along with restaurant and bar. Stay tuned to , , Google+TeamDeltaWorld, for more details in the weeks and months ahead.

For more information, check out the flier for the event on Facebook.

Art Class with Walter Simon and Friends

Teaching 42 new students with Rachel Burrows and the Paint-n-Pals crew awakened my teaching and I am so ready to assist the artist in you become creatively satisfied and happily productive. Please send an email to questions for pricing, times & locations of events, private lessons & parties.

For those interested in the Deltaworld tv series email resumés , headshots, assets & interests to .

Thank you,
Walter Simon

  1. Graphic Novel - Post Singularity - 3

Sneak Preview of in-process painting, “Tensaw Cypress Yggdrasil” for Arts Alive this weekend


To be unveiled at the fair this weekend. Acrylic on canvas, 12 feet by 8 feet with an 8×8 floor section for meditative viewing bench. 35,000 people are estimated to see this for Arts Alive in the expo hall, October 30th, 31st and November 1st. Special thanks to David Callimetti, Alabama Coasting Magazine, the Five Rivers Center, and Alabama Art Supply.